Why to hire Palm Beach Gardens Divorce Attorney

Divorce proceedings rarely go well. It might start off well with you and your spouse agreeing that the marriage is over, but it tends to get messy when the money, objects and the kids are divided. While there are some circumstances where you won’t need a Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorney, these are some cases where an attorney will be essential.

Abusive Spouse

Is your spouse abusive, or do you fear abuse? If so, then you need a Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorney. This might seem unconnected, but the divorce attorney can help protect you before the court proceedings, and he or she can help keep things level during the court appearances.

Dishonest or Vindictive Spouse

Sometimes your spouse might become dishonest or vindictive during the proceedings. For example, he or she might lie about annual earnings, what items he or she owns and other information to hurt your case. A divorce attorney will find the truth so that you get your fair share of the property.

Another Attorney

If the other spouse has an attorney, then it would probably be in your best interest to also hire an attorney. This is even truer if the divorce is complicated with a lot of money, property or any children involved in the divorce. It can be very difficult to go head-to-head with a pro, so getting a divorce attorney will help your case.

Unknown Belongings

How much money is shared between you and your spouse? How much property is there between the two of you? Most people know this, but there are some that are unaware of it. This is especially true if your spouse has been less than truthful throughout the relationship. The fact is that there might be a lot of money and property owed to you, but you may not know it.

If you don’t know how much you should get from the divorce, and if your spouse isn’t being truthful about what is being separated between you when the divorce is over, then get an attorney to find out exactly what is owed to you.


A divorce proceeding get very messy, but a Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorney can help. He or she can help you find out how much is owed to you when the divorce is over, and the attorney can also help with complicated separations that involve children or abusive spouses. If you feel that the proceedings are unfair in any way, then get an attorney to help you.