Reasons to not hire a Palm Beach Divorce Attorney

divorce attorneySo I don’t think this would be a good site for a divorce attorney unless we gave good reasons to stay married. The only reason you need to get divorced in palm beach county, or the state of florida is that the “marriage is irretrievably broken. In order to figure this out, you need to ask yourself these questions. If the answer is yeas, then you should probably hold off and see if you can save your marriage. If the answer is no, call Palm Beach Divorce Attorney Andrew Pastor.

  1.  You are both willing to work together to try to improve your marriage. It takes two people to create a good marriage. It only takes one to ruin one.
  2.  You haven’t yet tried everything possible to save your marriage. You have not gone to marital counseling, sex counseling, or individual therapy. You have not read marital improvement books or gone on couples weekends.
  3. You are going through a temporary rough patch. Maybe one of you just lost a job. Perhaps one of you is grieving the loss of a loved one. You can easily pinpoint when your problems started, and you can see an end in sight.
  4. You feel hopeful that your marriage can be saved. You think your marriage has potential.
  5. You’ve been working on your marriage and you see some improvement. You might not be anywhere close to nirvana, but you’re certainly better than you once were.

I hope this article has given you some pause, and makes you think a little bit harder about staying married. Marriage is a difficult thing, and it takes work by both parties. As Andrew Pastor always says “Throwing darts with your buddies 3 nights a week is not going to save your marriage.” When people lead seperate lives it leads deception, and loss of coneection.  A marriage is a bond between two people who love one another, and if you are always with your friends, you are not showing that love to your spouse.